Telehealth Sessions Currently Available!

What to Expect


First Visit

What is the first visit like? This first visit is a little 'get to know you' session. Your first scheduled appointment may take 50 - 80 min. At the first appointment, we will go over the usual stuff (Intake paper work, office policies, etc.) and then take some time to get to know each other a little better. During this session we may discuss topics that include what you are looking for in a therapist, and current challenges you may be facing. You will also be given the opportunity to ask questions, discuss your goals and expectations, and anything else that may be important as we begin our work together. 

Follow-up Sessions

What next? Follow-up appointments typically last approximately 50 minutes. After the first visit, you will have the opportunity to schedule for a follow-up visit or connect with another provider. At the end of the first visit, I will give you the opportunity to think about what is right for you. During our work together, feedback is very important to be sure that you feel our approach together is working for you and meeting your needs. I may ask you from time to time how you feel about our work together and your progress toward your goals. My aim is to find the right approach that works for you while getting you to where you want to be.


Payment information

Insurance:  I am now a covered provider under these benefits options:

  • Oregon Health Plan: Approved provider for OHP- Open Card Plan members. Other OHP plan members may have covered mental health visits upon approval. Please feel free to reach out with questions. 

  • ESI-Employee Assistance Group:  In some instances, pre-approved Employee Assistance Program Services may be accepted. (Please contact your employer for details and availability).

  • Out-Of-Network:  Please inquire for additional details.

Out of pocket: For clients without insurance, or for those who would like to privately pay for sessions, I accept all major credit /debit cards, cash, check or HSA (Health Savings Account). Payment is due at the time of service and cannot be billed. 

For individuals demonstrating financial need, limited scholarships may be available at a reduced rate for services. For additional information please call or visit the contact page seen above.

For inquiry of other forms of services please visit our resource page or click the Open Path Collective link below.

Please click here for additional questions or to schedule an appointment today!

 “And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?”- Rumi